GunTV offers an innovative and collaborative workplace where having fun while getting the job done is our norm. New adventures are created every day in Customer Care, Marketing, Merchandising, Planning, Digital, Technology, Television Talent and more. Wherever your passions lie, a dynamic and ever evolving career awaits you!

Television Opportunities

Our TV Live Show and Content teams are responsible for providing all the information and producing the experiences that allow our customers to hear and see our programming live. 

These teams are made up of many different positions including everything from Production Technicians, Live Show Directors, Editors, to Visual Coordinators, Producers, Fashion Stylists, Motion Graphics Designers and more. All together the team works to entertain, inform and motivate our customers to watch and shop with us. As an industry, TV is already exciting and entertaining; now, combined with retail shopping, it becomes an experience like no other. Whether your goal is to be on-air or behind the scenes, there are many opportunities to explore at GunTV.

Digital Opportunities

GunTV’s digital business continue to be the fastest growing part of our business as it engages, entertains and excites our customers to come in and shop with us across all of our integrated platforms. 

Whether it is online, mobile, social, gaming, or whatever the future brings to us, GunTV is “boundaryless retail”. Our teams work across the organization integrating these platforms to create a branding experience unique to GunTV and our customers. Our Digital teams in Merchandising, Marketing, Technology and Creative collaborate to bring product, experiences and the GunTV brand to life, engaging our customers wherever they are and however they shop. 

GunTV’s digital platforms are shaping the future of Retail.

Marketing Opportunities

The Marketing Team builds and supports the GunTV brand through collaboration with the business and its relationships with external partners. GunTV leverages the insights from the team to build engaging marketing campaigns that bring the GunTV brand to life at all customer touch points. 

By using social media platforms, we are building a GunTV community by engaging with our customers to learn about their shopping experiences as well as their preferences. Our goal is to attract and keep our customers coming back to shop with us by giving them what they want, when they want it and how they want it. 

This Marketing team includes Brand Marketing, Customer Strategy and Analytics, Integrated Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Marketing. 

Under the Marketing umbrella, our Creative team operates as GunTV’s in-house creative “agency” composed of such positions as Copywriters, Art Directors, Photographers, UX Designers, and many more. This team utilizes their experiences and talents on everything from photo shoots, to writing creative content for digital, TV or our social platforms, as well designing our next programming guide. 

Using GunTV's brand assets and state-of-the-art equipment, this team works with many teams across the organization - Live TV, their fellow Marketing groups, Merchandising, Digital, as well as our external partners and celebrities to develop, create and implement the voice of our brand message across all of our platforms.

Merchandising & Planning Opportunities

The Merchandising team is charged with finding, developing and sourcing products that will bring excitement, solutions and information to our customers’ lives. They shop the market to bring the best of Firearms and accessories right to our customer’s doorstep. 

The team also works closely with our brand partners to bring the newest trends and products to life, as well as seeks out new manufacturers and products that will surprise and delight all who shop with us. 

The Planning team is responsible for ensuring GunTV has the right amount of product for our customers to buy. It must be priced right, placed and promoted to maximize sales potential. Our Planning team makes sure we provide the customer with a great shopping experience any time she is shopping with us. 

The Advertiser and Planner collaborate to tell the product stories on all of our shopping platforms, while being flexible, responsive and agile in presenting the right products that will meet consumer expectations and provide the best in quality, value and experience. 

These teams work across the organization with Marketing, Television, Digital and more to build the brand and product stories that define the customer experience and drive the business. 

Product innovation, storytelling, relationships, creativity and sales analysis all come together to bring great product to life, build exciting Advertisers and create a direct response shopping experience like no other for our customers.

Customer Care Job Opportunities

The GunTV Customer Care team is at the center of our business providing sales and Customer Care support to our customers. This team focuses on providing best-in-class service and creating a genuine connection and experience for each customer they interact with. 

Customer Care includes employees who work from home or locally in our corporate office. In addition to the core sales and service departments, the team is made up of extensive support segments responsible for providing coaching to enhance customer interactions, education and communication that instills in-depth knowledge of GunTV’s products and policies and the technical and operational support that ensures the business functions efficiently. 

The leaders of this great team are passionate about employee engagement and sponsor a number of programs that encourage and react to employee feedback to ensure a fun and motivating work environment. It’s no surprise that many Customer Care employees can boast tenure decades long and diverse career paths throughout the organization in various departments and multiple levels of leadership.

Technology Opportunities

Our Technology teams at GunTV support the business and the customer. GunTV’s cutting edge technology creates a stable operating environment, increases business productivity and enables the strategy of the organization. 

Applications Development teams for GunTV’s core systems continuously build and enhance the company’s business application portfolio. GunTV has numerous best in breed software applications to support areas such as Merchandising, Planning, Customer Analytics and Supply Chain. Similarly, GunTV has multiple Applications Development teams to support its Digital/E-Commerce experiences, including, Mobile Applications and Digital Video. 

Infrastructure and Technical Support teams ensure that GunTV maintains a current, secure, stable and effective technical environment. Teams for Database Administration, Systems Engineering, Networking, and Security help to ensure a high degree of data quality and security for the organization. Other teams provide troubleshooting and support for the GunTV user community. 

GunTV’s dynamic IT teams bring people, processes, and technology together.

Support Services Opportunities

Like all enterprises, there are whole teams of people and functions behind the scenes, providing support to our leaders and the business to help them get their jobs done every day. 

These teams work across GunTV; some hire, retain and develop our talented employees so they can grow with the company, while others protect our assets, balance our books, and track our sales so we always know how we are performing and can stay on track to be successful and profitable. We have teams at several locations that ensure products are picked, packed and delivered to our customers in packages they are excited to receive. Our campuses at all locations are maintained by our Facilities teams to be an environment for our employees to come to work in and be proud of. Our business would not happen without these support teams in place. 

GunTV has plenty of exciting career opportunities in Legal, Human Resources, Finance, Advertiser Relations, Facilities and more. The employees who work on these support teams are passionate about GunTV and love being a part of the team.