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If you have merchandise that’s ready for retail, you can apply online using the Product Submission Application form.  The link is at the end of these FAQ’s.

Please read all questions and answers below before accessing the Product Submission Application form, as well as the following documentation, to make sure GunTV is right for you and your product.

Product Questions

What products is GunTV looking for?

All kinds of firearms, munitions, outdoor and shooting sports products. Each product is reviewed for attributes that have the best opportunity for success. Items should have many of the following attributes: best value to the GunTV consumer, new, revolutionary, demonstrable, exclusives, collectable, unique, problem solving, solution oriented, quality.

Does my item have to be manufactured?

The item you submit for a product evaluation should be a manufactured item.

Will GunTV help me manufacture my product or idea?

GunTV does not assist inventors and entrepreneurs with manufacturing.

Is there a fee?

No. GunTV does not charge a fee for product evaluation.   It does charge a fee for its airtime segments, advertising spots and advertising spot production services as described in the GunTV 2015 Media Kit.  You can download it by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

The Application Process

I have more than one item. Should I submit an application for each?

Only one application per company is necessary. We encourage you to edit your selection to a small number of products that you feel will be of most interest to GunTV. We also encourage you to provide a link to your website so we can view your entire product assortment.  If you’re submitting an entire line of like products (for example, a ready to wear concealed carry collection), please only submit one form for the collection, and enter the details for each product within the collection in the product description box. Or, as an alternative, attach a line sheet with the Product Submission form.  Tip:  You can upload one file with the Product Submission form.  If you have more than one file, please combine all files into one before uploading.

How can I have my product reviewed by GunTV and how long will the review process take?

The first step in the product evaluation process is to complete the GunTV Product Submission application. The link is at the end of these FAQ’s.  Merchandising will contact you via email within approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the time your form is received to inform you of GunTV’s interest in your product.

If Merchandising is interested in learning more about your product, the email will indicate that someone will contact you about next steps. These next steps may include: setting up a phone call or a face-to-face meeting.  For all non-firearms products, we may ask you to submit product samples for our Quality Control review.  Submission of firearms and munitions to GunTV is strictly prohibited.

How do I know if my application successfully submitted?

You will receive an on-screen confirmation message: GunTV Partner Application Confirmation. GunTV received the information shown above.  Thank you for your product submission. You should receive an email within the next 2-4 weeks letting you know of our interest.

Does GunTV accept applications from overseas?

Yes, we accept vendor product submissions from companies outside the USA. Please note that we require a physical US address and US phone number on each application.  Firearms,  munitions and other products are regulated by federal and state law.  Only submit an application for products that meet USA regulatory requirements.

How do I enter my product dimensions?

Dimensions should be entered with numerals as LxWxH. Do not use symbols for feet or inches. Example: 32Lx20Wx10H.

Can I have access to GunTV’s shipping & product requirements?

Once GunTV has approved your Product Submission Application, we will provide you with access to our Quality Assurance, Packaging and Labeling Guidelines. We do not release this information until your application has been approved.

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